About the Event

JUNE 12th – JUNE 16th

Thunder in the mountains in a 5 day electric skateboard festival, races, riding and fun. It is a sponsor driven event in order to make the prices cheaper for our attendees and is not represented by any single brand. This event is about all companies of boards and esk8 related products coming together to have fun and ride together!



For any specific questions please contact me by email at
TheElectricBoarder at gmail dot com




  • $100 for ticket with no swag bag (swag bag includes shirt, poster and other goodies)
  • $125 for ticket with swag bag

Riders please send your name when registering so I can put you in the registry and identify you upon arrival to give you your ticket.

Payment Link: https://paypal.me/pools/c/8ak4nDqu78


If you would like to sponsor this event, please fill out and email this form to TheElectricBoarder at gmail dot com.

Main Sponsor: The Electric Boarder Colorado

Additional Sponsors:

  • The Electric Boarder Colorado
  • Jed Boards
  • Tishawn Fahie
  • AngleTech
  • Skate Kastle
  • Kali.NYC
  • Red Ember Boards
  • Long Haired Boy
  • Esk8.News
  • Hyper Ion Systems
  • Torque Boards
  • Flat Land 3D
  • Colorado Cadi
  • Build Kit Boards

Special Guests

  • MBS/Atom Electric
  • Lacroix Boards
  • Enertion
  • KOTA

Where to Stay

Hometowne Studios has offered a group rate of $75 per night for single bed rooms and $95 per night for doubles. More details are coming, but this will be the place to stay if you want to be near all the action.

They have rooms on reserve for us until May 12th. You can still get a room there afterwards but the prices will go up after that date.

Hotel Details

Hometowne Studios Denver (Glendale/Cherry Creek) 4850 Leetsdale Dr, Glendale, CO 80246

Reservations open for rooms with single and double beds until May 12th.


You may either contact Angie Preston at Angela.Preston@whgextstay.com and let her know you are part of the Electric Boarder festival group (You can also call her at 720-210-8893 but only during reasonable hours please). You may also call the hotel directly and also refer that you are part of the ride group at (303) 333-2545.

Reserved Rates and Availability: 25 single beds are available currently for $64.99 for weekly or $74.99 daily. 8 doubles are available currently at $84.99 weekly or $94.99 daily.


Schedule of Events

Day one: City Cruise and Meet & Greet

11:00am – 1:00pm: Meet and greet at Denver Skate Park (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

1:00pm: Group ride from the skate park to Adelitas Cocina (1294 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210)

2:00pm: Lunch at Adelitas and time to charge boards

4:00pm: Group ride back to Denver Skate park

5:00pm: Break and charge up until 8pm

8:00pm: Meet at Denver Skate Park for the Scavenger hunt and night ride (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

Day two: Street Course Race Day

Our first day at IMI Motorsports complex. Below is a video of us testing the tracks out.

Meet at IMI Motorsports Complex street boards race day (5074 Summit Blvd, Dacono, CO 80514)

8:00am: Early birds who want to help set up the track and warm up early and sponsor set-up

10:00am: Start of Race day (race schedule will be provided at IMI motorsports complex)

5:00pm: Races end, open use of track, music, hanging for the camp out.

10:00pm: The night time lonely road ride, departs from IMI motorsports complex.

12:00pm: The Camp out at IMI motorsports complex! Sleep under the stars, in your cars or in your tents and hang out until the second race day on the off-road course!

Day three: Off road Track Race Day

8:00am: Early birds who want to help set up the track and warm up early and sponsor set-up

10:00am: Start of Race day (race schedule will be provided at IMI motorsports complex)

5:00pm: End of race day

This is an open night for food, bars, clubs or night riding since it’s Friday night and some people may want to explore the city. Join the telegram group chat to live chat and correspond with your fellow skaters to go out in the city with them at:


Day four: Mountain Side Rides

10:30am: Meet at Golden City Brewery (920 12th St, Golden, CO 80401)

12:00pm: Short carpool up to base of lookout mountainside, ride up lookout mountain.

2:30pm: Head back to Golden city Brewery to park again

3:00pm: Late lunch at Woody’s wood fired pizza, opportunity to charge boards

5:00pm: Ride out from woody’s and hit some of the park trails around Golden.

7:00pm: Take a break and head back to the city, rest for a few hours

10:00pm: Meet at Denver Skate Park for the night ride (2205 19th St, Denver, CO 80202)

Day five: Fun day out of the city, brewery and dispensary exploration for the bold

11:30pm: Meet up at Denver Skate Park

12:15pm: Ride out and just explore the city for the day, open suggestions for breweries, dispensaries, food, parks and whatever else people are interested to see. Join the telegram chat in case you get lost!